Survivor-Centred Visual Narratives

‘Aber ich lebe’ now available through the German Federal Agency for Civic Education

Artwork by Barbara Yelin

‘But I Live: Three Stories of Child Survivors of the Holocaust’ was created in the first stage of the Survivor-Centred Visual Narratives project. Since its publication in May 2022, ‘But I Live’ (ed. Charlotte Schallié, University of Toronto Press) has been recognized as a unique and sorely needed collection of testimonies about the Holocaust. Both the German (‘Aber ich lebe’) and English versions have reached wide-ranging audiences and will be incorporated into Holocaust education curriculum.

The success of ‘But I Live’ and the connections that developed between artists and survivors through its creation paves the way for the next stages of the Survivor-Centred Visual Narratives project.

The German version of this book, ‘Aber ich lebe’, is now available through the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (German Federal Agency for Civic Education), an organization which aims to support and engage citizens, promoting understanding of political issues, enhancing democratic awareness, and strengthening the willingness to participate in politics. This recognition ensures that the stories of survivors Emmie, David, Nico, and Rolf will reach wider audiences, furthering the goals of this work to remember and learn from atrocities such as the Holocaust and prevent them from happening again.

A special thank you and congratulations to artists Miriam Libicki, Gilad Seliktar and Barbara Yelin whose thoughtful artwork continues to engage audiences of every age, making certain that the survivors’ stories will live on in the hearts and minds of generations to come.